how to create multiple folders at once using batch file

Step 1:  Open, Notepad,

                Copy the below Batch file Script!

           SET A=NewFolder
           FOR /L %%w in (0,1,5) do mkdir %A%%%w

      Download the Batch file with this Link : foldercreator.bat -GoogleDriveLink

Step 2:  Save the file with any name as .bat (Extension is IMPORTANT) as shown below.

Creates NewFolder0 to NewFolder100

 Note: (Understanding How it Works!)
  • A - its just a variable to Store = "NewFolder"  
  • we use for loop to repeat folder creation process from 0 to 100
  • mkdir - command used in cmd to create a folder
  • %%w which provides incremented folder number 0,1,2,....100
  • 0 - indicates starting folder number
  • 1- to increment one by one(Example: if u use 2 here - gives folder in even nos NewFolder0,2,4 )
  • 100- last folder name
You Can also change NewFolder to any Name as you wish, just edit A=SomethingYouWant

Step 3: Now,After creating the batch file move to the folder where you want to create multiple folder,
            Double-Click (BOOM) ---> Created!
Double-Click it to Create 0 to 100 folder instantly!

After Created it will looks like this!

NewFolder 0 to 100 Created!
You can also use batch file to speed and automate any process !

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