How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows and solve no internet error on mobile device?

 Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows

 R u the one who Spent huge some of money for Internet data`s on Multiple Devices....?
Then the solution goes here...

Requirements for Wi-Fi HotSpot:

  •  A Laptop or Desktop with Wi-Fi Adaptor
  • Internet Connection  

Steps to Create Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows using CMD:

Step 1: Goto RUN (WinKey + R) and type "cmd" or Goto Start 
                    type "cmd" Right-Click Run as ADMINISTRATOR.

 Step 2: on cmd, Type 
         netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="[YOUR HOTSPOT NAME]" key="[YOUR PASSWORD]"

In my case, i have used as shown below:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="Wi-Fi HOTSPOT" key="123456789"
    Use Strong Passwords to Secure ur Wi-Fi network!

Step 3: To start Hot Spot...

      type :

     netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  •   once you Started Wi-Fi HotSpot!
  •  Goto Network and Sharing Center....
open Network and Sharing Center
  Select "Change Adaptor Settings"
You may notice that"No Network Access"-- to Solve this GoTo "Change Adapter Settings" 
  • After Hot-Spot started you will notice "Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adaptor" and In my case, its "Lenevo Easyplus Hotspot".
  • In the next Step Right-Click ur Network to be Shared with Hot-Spot.
  • In my case, its "Mobile Broadband" -->Right-Click and Select Properties -->Sharing and Select as Shown below.

Select ur Hot-Spot Adaptor
 Now ur Network is Shared with Wi-Fi HotSpot!

Step 4:

Solution to No Internet Error on Mobile Device:

  • On the Same  Change Adaptor Settings Window.
    •  Right-Click Ethernet-->Properties--> IPv4 and do as shown!
Set IP address for Ethernet.
  • Now, Right-Click Hot-Spot Adaptor.
  • Right-Click Hot-Spot Adaptor-->Properties-->IPv4 do as Shown.

Ethernet IP is used as GateWay in Wi-Fi HotSpot! It Works Now!

Goto "cmd" again and Re-Start Wi-fi HotSpot by


 netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Wi-Fi HotSpot Internet Error Cleared!

 Few Wi-Fi HotSpot Applications:

Light-Weight Application From mypcethics -- High Performance
If u face any difficulties in network sharing...
  • Repeat Step 4 again n check!
Thanks for spending some time to read the blog!!!
Hope your Problem Solved!
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