How to Solve Certificate error chrome or firefox

How to Solve Certificate Error ????

Hello Readers, Some face this Certificate error after BIOS Reset and CMOS Battery Failure...
As the Battery is already drained it doesn't supply Power to CLOCK Unit in MOTHERBOARD and  so your Time and Date Settings are Reseted back to the Default System Time and  Date,every time u turn ON the PC...

Y Does This Error Occur and Whats the Relation Between System TIME and Browser Certficate?
  • Relationship>>> Is that Your PC Time and Date is Older than the Date in the Certificate Provided (Begins ON and Expire ON)
example :

  •  To Escape From this Error,Trick Is to Change UR PC >>>Time and Date Correctly up to date! everytime u turn ON (Do this Only IF UR CMOS Battery Failure).
                             I Recommend to Buy a New CMOS Battery and Replace in Motherboard.

Some Steps to Followed are Below:
Step 1: Goto Taskbar and Click on TIME >>> Change date and time settings. 

change date and time settings
Step 2: Goto Internet Time >>> Change Settings >>> Update Now!


Thats iT, you Cleared The Certificate ERROR !Now Reload the Page That shows Error!

Thanks for Reading!

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