How to Reset BIOS Password

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How To RESET BIOS and Remove forgotten BIOS Passwords?????

  BIOS- Basic Input Output System

  • Some ,Use BIOS Passwords to Protect Their PC`s and Some Forgot iT! when They need to change a Hardware setting in BIOS!
  • ALSO, Some face Error of PC not BOOTING or Turning ON after they UPDATED their BIOS and This Method Helps to RECOVER your old BIOS!

Step 1: Turn Off PC, Unplug the CPU from Power Socket (For Safety)......

Step 2: Open, the CPU Cabinet by Un Screwing it!

Step 3: On UR PC`s Motherboard... Search for Jumper Blocks and  CMOS battery as shown in
                                                                                                                                           below images.
Remove the Battery and Jumper and wait sometime to Flush PWD out of memory
  •    CMOS -Cathode Metal Oxide Semiconductor Battery that help`s Motherboard`s by
             supplying  Power to CLOCK and Memory when U Switch OFF PC!

  • When U, Remove this Battery and Change the JUMPER block from 1 2 to 2 3 PIN or Remove it(BIOS RECOVERY) then, your BIOS Password gets FLUSHED out of Memory and it Cleared also your BIOS gets Reset!
    JUMPER KEY! Remove from 1 2 PIN and Replace on 2 3 PIN!!! if suppose UR PC didn't Turn on After Replacing to 2 3 PIN be sure to Replace on 1 2 again after  Reseting the Password!
  •  Wait for Sometime 2-3 mins,Replace the Battery and Jumper on same place. Turn On your PC Now,You See Options for Clearing Passwords and Reseting>>> Now Clear it. Some Motherboard clears automatically when you remove the CMOS battery from the Motherboard. 

Thats iT! You can able to change your BIOS Settings also
                                                                                      Recovered your BIOS from an UpdateNow.......

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