How to Make A simple USB Charger Using A broken Mouse Or From Any Wire Which Has A USB Head

Hi FOLKS Are worried When you are in a situation where you Have a single Socket I which you Have to charge your phone and your laptop but don't a have MULTI PIN For Every Problem There Is A Solution...So Here the Solution IS...

NOTE : For Us  safety is first. So Be careful While Doing this.....

Come on viewers now we can learn How to Make A simple USB Charger Using  A broken Mouse Wire Or From Any Wire Which Has A USB Head.

Items Needed: A broken Mouse Which Has An USB Wire.

                      : Then A Charger Pin OF Your Phone Depending On Your Phone Socket.
                      : A Soldering Machine Some Lead And Wax And An Insulation Tape For Safety

As we know an USB has four wire are accommodated into a single one these four wire are colored each one has its own special function which is viewed below

Now Take Your Phone Charger PIN if Have An Extra One Connect The ORANGE wire of your USB to CHARGER PIN +ve And connect THE White To GROUND Now Do some Soldering And Paste A insulation Tape In Order to Avoid Short Circuit....

The Color Code Of USB can vary Depending On The Manufacture.But Don't Worry In Most Of The USB Black and Red or Black and White Play the Role  Of Transferring Current.

You can also remove the DATA(+) and DATA(-) Transmitting wire's which we no need while charging Owr phone..

Once You Finished You are Ready To charge your Mobile Phone Using   A simple USB Cabal charger..

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