Remove Shortcuts Virus in PEN DRIVE without any Anti-Virus

Remove Shortcuts Virus in PEN DRIVE without any Anti-Virus...

Step 1 : Plug ur Pen Drive.
Step 2: Find Ur Pen Drive`s Drive letter ... Example G: , H: or anything in My COMPUTER 
Step 3: In my Case its M: as shown below
Step 4: Now, Open RUN (WINKEY+R) or Goto START Search for CMD 

Step 5: When CMD opened Do as Shown Below in Snapshot.
  1. TYPE  M:   (For u, It may Differ) <HIT ENTER>
  2. TYPE attrib -r -s -h *.* /s /d   <HIT ENTER>

 Now Go to ur Pen drive`s Folder.... Ur Files n Shortcuts are Separated as  shown.....
Step 5: Now, Delete Autorun.inf and Shortcuts Alone..... 
    Thats iT!  Successfully completed removing Shortcut viruses..... also Never Click on Shortcuts in Pen drive.. It affects PC n Finally any pen drive inserted in ur system may get affected by shortcuts... Do Check Ur PROCESS in Task manager for unwanted or fake process such as SKYPEE, GHOST etc., these are common process seen in shortcut... Find It n Deleted iT... 

Any Doubts Comment Below!!! 

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