Are you tired of playing games in small screen while you can't play in full screen mode so here is
the solution for to play games in full screen mode..

Steps to be followed as usual.

STEP 1: Press win+r which will open your run dialog box.

STEP 2: Now type regedit which will now open your registry editor in which we are going to change the scaling after typing it press Enter.

STEP 3:Now your Computer Registry will appear like this.

STEP 4:Now click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE it will display a series of roots

STEP 5: In that select System

STEP 6: After that click on ControlSet001 and then click Control

STEP 7: While you Scroll Down you will see GraphicsDrivers click it

STEP 8: In that select Configuration and then CMO15A40_1B_07DA_41^7BA5E4ACC2EC384B7772A4F471FD0C67 but in some PC it will vary which depends upon Graphics Driver no worries its the same.

STEP 9: Select 00 and again click 00

STEP 10:After that you will see a window on your Right Hand side in that look for scaling.

STEP 11:Just Double click Scaling a Box will apper in that Box click on Hexadecimal and Change the value from 2 or 3 or 4... Check Whether It changes in yourGame...

So that's how now you will able to play Games in Full Screen Mode Without Any Scaling Issue ! ! ! !

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