How to solve USB Device Not Recognized

  USB Device Not Recognized

  • Sometimes, Your USB Drives (Pen drives,DataCard`s,Bluetooth,Wifi Adapters) does`nt work... 
  • Due to Driver Software Corruption..
  • This can be Solved By Uninstalling USB Drivers and Re-installing iT

Lets See, How iT Work`s:

 Step 1:  Goto RUN (WINKEY + R) >>> type devmgmt.msc [Hit ENTER]

Step 2: Choose and Expand to view Universal Serial Bus Controllers >>> Uninstall All The

  • Right Click on Drivers >>>Uninstall Everything 
  • Do Not Attempt, If Both your Keyboard and Mouse are USB Model.... then After Uninstall Both wont work (be Cautious here).
  • If then,You can only Use Power Button on your PC or Laptop to Shutdown and Restart to Install again.
  • In that Case, Identify your Pendrive alone to Uninstall it.....
For Good Result,Uninstall All USB Drivers!!!!!

Step 3: After Uninstall All, Now Goto >>>Action >>>Click Scan for Hardware Changes....
Click iT,To Re-Install All your Drives!

  Now, All your USB Drivers are Re-Installed!!!! 

Thats iT!!!! Your USB drive Will be Re-Installed and gets Recognized Correctly.....

  • This Technique wont Work, If your Pen Drive or Any USB Drive is Totally Corrupted or Firmware Failure!!!!! 
  • This Method also works for Bluetooth Drivers or Wifi-Drivers!!!!! 
  • In Device Manager,you can also Disable Hardware`s which you Doesnt Need!!!!!

Thanks, For Spending Some time to Read This Blog!!!!!!
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