Hack or Reset Kali Linux ROOT Password!

  • This is for the Persons who Stuck up with forgot KALI LINUX user Password or any LiNUX based os USER Password!!!                                 

  •   ALSO for Persons who want to HacK ROOT Password

Step 1: Turn on,  Wait Till, GRUB LOADER comes and SELECT Recovery Mode  and    
                 HIT    'e'  to EDIT as shown.

Step 2:  Add ,this now init=/bin/bash as shown in Image.

Step 3: Then, Press CTRL + X or F10  to continue BOOT.

Step 4: After Booted, Type fdisk -l which will display the Partitions.
                         (ONE WITH * is ROOT Partition)   

NOTE:In My case its /dev/sda1, and SO, i type that in next step it may differ in your PC.
Step 5: NOW, TYPE  mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1  HIT [ENTER].

Step 6: TYPE , PASSWD HIT [ENTER] and Type a new password to complete Password
                                                             RESET or HACK! 
  •  FINALLY,  TYPE    shutdown -h -P now  n restart

                           Thats iT! We HaVe H@cKeD L1nuX PA55w0rD!!!!!!!!
  Thanks For READING!!!!!!!!!!!

                            "THIS IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES"



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